Tuesday, April 15, 2008


The 2008 schedule has been released, and boy does it look weird. Here it is:

Sun 9/7 - 1:00 PM - vs KC Chiefs
Sun 9/14 - 4:15 PM - @ NY Jets
Sun 9/21 - 1:00 PM - vs Miami Dolphins
Sun 10/5 - 4:15 PM - @ SF 49ers
Sun 10/12 - 8:15 PM - @ SD Chargers
Mon 10/20 - 8:30 PM - vs Denver Broncos
Sun 10/26 - 1:00 PM - vs St. Louis Rams
Sun 11/2 - 8:15 PM - @ Indy Colts
Sun 11/9 - 1:00 PM - vs Buffalo Bills
Thu 11/13 - 8:15 PM - vs NY Jets
Sun 11/23 - 1:00 PM - @ Miami Dolphins
Sun 11/30 - 4:15 PM - vs Pittsburgh Steelers
Sun 12/7 - 8:15 PM - @ Seattle Seahawks
Sun 12/14 - 4:15 PM - @ Oakland Raiders
Sun 12/21 - 1:00 PM - vs Arizona Cardinals
Sun 12/28 - 1:00 PM - @ Buffalo Bills

Four trips to the West Coast, week 4 as a bye, only 1 home game in December, 5 night games, and a frigging Thursday night game against the Jets. Anyone who thinks the NFL is biased toward the Patriots is retarded.



  1. Funny how the Pats’ schedule is so “arduous” the same season that the AFC East plays the powerhouse AFC and NFC West divisions.

    Oh, and by the way, based on last years’ records, the Pats have the easiest schedule in the ENTIRE league. Their opponents’ winning percentage of .387 is a real backbreaker, huh?

    Yeah, not biased at all.

  2. Just a quick lesson in NFL scheduling: The schedules are all based on a rotation. This year, all AFC East teams are playing the AFC West, and the NFC West. Then throw in your 6 interdivisional games, and 2 games against AFC teams that finished in the same spot in their divisions as your team did (the Pats finished 1st, as did the Steelers and Colts, which is why the Pats play the Steelers and Colts).

    In other words, the NFL doesn't determine who or where teams play. BUT, they do determine things like bye weeks, and when games are.

    I'm not saying the NFL has it in for the Pats, but giving us week 4 as a bye week and only 1 home game in December is a good indicator that the NFL isn't trying to make things easier for the Pats.

  3. Points well taken.

    But starting the season with KC, NYJ, Miami, then the bye doesn't sound too tough to me.

    Ending the season with Oakland, Arizona, and Buffalo doesn't sound too tough either.

    If the NFL determines when games will take place, it seems they have given the Pats a likely chance of getting a fast start and a strong finish.