Saturday, April 26, 2008


Kevin Garnett finished with 32 points and 10 rebounds (16th straight playoff double-double for KG), and every Celtics starter was in double figures, but offense wasn't the problem for the C's, it was defense.

Atlanta outrebounded Boston 43 to 35, shot 47.4% from the field, and 55.6% from 3. The Celtics just didn't have that defensive edge that they had in games 1 and 2. The Hawks, for their part, played one of their best games all season. They didn't make any mistakes, and took advantage of every Celtic miscue.

But losing this game is far from the end of the world. Atalta's exuberant post-game celebration should light a fire into the C's. And to be honest, winning this series in 5 games will be much better than a sweep, which would have resulted in 9 days off for the boys in green.

Game 4 is Monday night in Atlanta.


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AP Photo/Gregory Smith

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