Tuesday, April 08, 2008


After a solid rehab start for AAA Pawtucket, Bartolo Colon has been placed on the minor league DL due to a strain on his right side. Colon pitched five scoreless innings last Thursday, allowing only one hit, one walk, striking out, and throwing 74 pitches. Minor League DL is different, as it is only a minimum of 7 days he will miss. He will be eligible to return on Friday.

There's no doubt that Colon can still pitch, as demonstrated by his start in Pawtucket. But with his recent history of injuries, as well as his considerable girth, whether or not he can recover from a start is still a major question. Pitching, in and of itself, is a form of injury. Starters recover from these injuries every 4 days to pitch again. Thursday showed us that Colon can still start, but the aftermath has made me seriously doubt that he can be a starter.


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