Wednesday, July 09, 2008


The Red Sox thrashed the Twins this afternoon to complete a 3 game sweep. Minnesota came to Boston riding a 5 game winning streak, but Friendly Fenway is only friendly to one team this year.

Ten Sox batters got a hit, 9 players knocked a run in, 10 scored runs. The Sox had 7 doubles, a triple, 2 homeruns, and 23 hits total.

This series may be what Manny Ramirez needed to get going again. He went 6 for 13 with 2 doubles, a homer, and 6 RBI.

But this wasn't a flawless victory for the Sox. Beckett gave up 3 runs in the 1st and threw far too many pitches early on. He left after 5 innings. This spelled trouble with a capital B (for bullpen).

Javier Lopez faced 8 batters and let 5 of them reach. Craig Hansen only threw 9 strikes in 19 pitches and was unable to eat the garbage innings at the end of the game.

I know I'm being far too negative after an 18-5 victory, but the Sox didn't dominate the entirety of the game as the score suggests. 18 runs is an aberration, a rarity we probably won't see duplicated this season. But bullpen problems have been a bad habit of this team.


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