Monday, July 14, 2008


I've never liked Big Ben. But I've never hated him, at least not directly. I've hated the buzz that surrounds him. I've hated people calling him a quarterback when he threw the ball 12 times a game. I've hated how he has a Super Bowl ring thanks to the Colts beating the Patriots earlier in the playoffs. And it doesn't help him much that I despise the Steelers.

But then I heard what he said about Brett Favre:

“Brett Favre is one of the best to play, he can do whatever he wants. It’s something that when you have the best quarterback, he makes a decision to do what he feels he needs to do, and I’m sure (the Green Bay Packers) need to stick by whatever (the decision is).”

No, Ben, he can't do whatever he wants. No player, no matter how good, is bigger than a team. Especially in football. The team makes decisions, and the players have to abide by them. I have nothing but respect for how the Green Bay Packers are handling the mess Brett Favre has put them in. They're in charge, not Brett.

This type of "I can do what I want" mentality is probably what convinced Ben that riding a motorcycle without a license or a helmet is a good idea.

It's official, Mr. Roethlisberger. I now hate you.


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