Monday, September 29, 2008


One thing that pisses me off about BC's football scheduling is that they don't play UConn. Chestnut Hill is only 80 miles from Storrs. Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are 85 miles apart. Michigan and Ohio State are 188 miles apart. Miami and Florida State are nearly 500 miles apart. In college football geography, 80 miles is a stone's throw.

Boston College doesn't have a football rival. Say what you want about Notre Dame, but the Irish don't care. Their rivals are USC, Michigan, and Purdue. The same goes for Miami (actual rivals: Virginia Tech, FSU, Florida), and Virginia Tech (actual rivals: Miami, Virginia).

So, Boston College, UConn, let's make a deal here. Play each other for 6 years and see what develops. Hell, play at Gillette Stadium if you want a neutral location. You can split up the 70,000 seats evenly between schools. BC, you'll get noticed more by the media in Boston. UConn, you'll steal a little attention from your basketball teams. Make up some silly trophy to play for like Paul Revere's Saddle or something. Call it the Blackstone River Shootout brought to you by Carl's Jr.

So instead of playing UMass or URI or Holy Cross or UNH, man up and play each other!


  1. Why would BC want to line the pockets of a school that sued them for leaving the Big East? The Eagles have nothing to gain from playing UConn every year.

    BC and Syracuse are renewing their rivalry in 2010. Eagles vs. Orange is much more of a rivalry (28-17-0 all time in favor of Syracuse) than Eagles vs. Huskies (10-0-2 in favor of BC).

    UConn needs BC, BC doesn't need UConn.

  2. BC/Cuse is not a rivalry, not compared to the real rivalries around the country.

    UConn/BC isn't a rivalry right now. But it's waiting to happen. Both teams have solid programs, both teams compete for the same recruits, both teams would gain from the publicity and noteriety of an annual rivalry game.

    But BC is afraid of losing to UConn.

  3. Why would BC want to play UConn and Syracuse annually? If they needed to play both annually, they would have stayed in the Big East.

    Call it being afraid or whatever, but there is nothing the Eagles can gain from playing UConn. See: the background behind why South Florida discontinued their series with UCF.

  4. So you're telling me that despite the preexisting animosity between BC and UConn, despite their proximity, despite the fact that they're on close to the same level (unlike UCF and USF), a rivalry wouldn't be exciting? 70,000 fans filling Gillette Stadium wouldn't bring some attention to BC in the Boston media (which it sorely lacks)?

    I'm a BC fan, but they seem afraid to play the Huskies, and that's lame. And it's a pretty typical BC attitude toward things. "We'd be doing UConn a favor by playing them."