Monday, October 27, 2008


Milan Lucic's check on Mike Van Ryn of the Maple Leafs. You've probably seen it a hundred times, even if you're not a Bruins fan. But it's a sick hit and should be viewed over and over.

Just a few thoughts about it:

You can see Van Ryn tighten himself up as he can feel a big hit coming. If he hadn't, he may have been very hurt by the check. The worst hits are the ones you don't anticipate, just ask Dean McAmmond...

Or Richard Zednick...

And props to the NHL for not bitching to YouTube about videos of game footage. Unlike MLB and the NFL, the NHL realizes that it's free advertising to have highlights online.

Hockey highlight shows (do any exist in the USA?) or sports highlight shows need to have a Jacked Up type of segment of the biggest hockey hits. With the speeds involved (20, 25 MPH frequently), they can get ridiculous.

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