Tuesday, October 07, 2008


"Who was the last Red Sox manager to win two World Series?" I asked a foursome of middle-aged miserable dung beetles of men, right after they criticized and ripped apart Terry Francona for leaving Masterson in the game. Two of these scared shitless negative nancies actually wanted to fight me because I defended Tito as a manager, even though I disagreed with the decision to keep Masterson in.

"He cost us the game." These clowns argued.

"The game's nowhere near over" I drunkenly replied. And it wasn't, not until Jed Lowrie stepped to the plate in the 9th and slid a groundball into right field for the game winning hit. In celebration, I went up to my Francona hating rivals and offered my hand in a high five, a few of them begrudgingly reciprocated, but by and large, they seemed upset that the Sox won.

These losers who yearn for the Curse of the Bambino, and Grady Little leaving Pedro in, and Mike Torez on the mound; these crumb-bums drifted out of the bar before the party had really started. Their negativity made my celebration that much sweeter. The fewer people that have faith in the Sox, the greater share of glory for the rest of us.

Jed Lowrie knocking in Jason Bay... how perfect is that? The minor leaguer knocking in the man who replaced Manny Ramirez. Once again, eat it Bill Simmons, and tell us all how it tastes.

The Boston Red Sox are going to the ALCS for the 4th time in 6 years. And of course, they're facing the Tampa Bay Rays. More on all of this when I calm down, and sober up.


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