Thursday, October 16, 2008


It's not a sport, even though it's on ESPN. Anything you can play better while drunk isn't a sport. But it is still awesome. Speaking of drunk, this is one of my favorite players, Scotty Nguyen, in action...

Scotty actually has a tournament named after him. The Scotty Nguyen Challenge, which is going to be in Tulsa from October 30th to November 10th.

That's another reason I love poker so much. You can play it anywhere. I started playing hold em in college, little $5 and $10 games in the dorms. Right now I could go to Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun (they just reopened their poker room), or up to the dog track in Rockingham and play a game against a large number of fish. Or I could find some home game to bust up. And of course, I can play online.

Despite what the US government wants you to think, it is very legal for you to play poker online. Some online poker sites don't accept US players these days, but many more still do. Here's a list of US Poker Rooms. So check it out. Which do you think is a safer investment these days? The stock market or online poker?

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