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I don't know if it's the water in the Chestnut Hill Reservoir, or fumes from the green line, but BC athletics have a very strange habit*. Win games they're supposed to lose (See BC football vs. #4 Notre Dame in South Bend in 2002), and lose games they're supposed to win (See 4th seeded BC basketball losing to Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the 2nd round of the 2005 NCAA tournament).

*Note: the hockey team wins a lot, regardless of opponent.

Once again, BC football has let me down.

I know this year the Eagles were going to be a step down from the 11 win team of a year ago. Not only did Matt Ryan leave, but the entire running game graduated. Ballhawk Jamie Silva left, and stud corner/returner DeJuan Tribble got drafted by San Diego.

But as much as BC took a step back, the entire ACC took ten steps back. Powerhouses FSU and Miami are inexplicably mediocre. Preseason favorites Virginia Tech and Clemson were exposed early in the year. Georgia Tech's adjusting to a new coach. Maryland, NC State, and Wake Forest are always stuck in 3rd gear.

When BC beat Virginia Tech a few weeks ago, there was legitimate hope they'd win the Atlantic Division, and then who knows. Even after losing to North Carolina - a solid team - they controlled their own destiny.

But the Clemson Tigers, under an interim coach, riding a 3 game losing streak, were too much for the Eagles, who were 4.5 point favorites at home.

A lackluster first half saw the Eagles down 17-0. But in the 4th, a blocked punt and an interception put BC in the driver's seat with a 21-17 lead. A 64 yard kickoff return set up a Clemson touchdown, and a BC fumble on the next drive was how the Eagles responded.

Here are the teams Clemson has beaten:
NC State
The Citadel
South Carolina State
And now... Boston College

A less than prestigious list that the Eagles are now a part of.

BC still needs a win to become bowl eligible, and will likely wind up in one of the lower ACC bowl games. One that will make the Florida Citrus Bowl look like the Rose Bowl.


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