Saturday, November 22, 2008


Then again, most big games in the ACC this season have been monstrously hideous. Both teams struggled on offense. Three of the game's 5 touchdowns were scored by the defenses (and one was set up by a blocked punt and return to the 1). Wake Forest was 2 for 14 on 3rd downs, BC went 10 straight 3rd downs without a conversion. The teams combined for a mere 2.2 yards per carry on the ground, and only 236 total passing yards.

But BC survived. And considering they played most of the game with redshirt freshman and backup Dominique Davis under center, and the refs blew the review of a punted ball hitting a Wake Forest player on the 22 yard line, the win wasn't all that ugly.

BC controls its own destiny, and can win the ACC Atlantic for the 2nd time by beating Maryland next Saturday afternoon in Chestnut Hill.


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