Monday, November 03, 2008


I love politics, and I love sports. I love steak, and I love chocolate. That doesn't mean any of these things should be mixed.

Sports are relaxing, made for eating junk, drinking beer, and chilling with your buddies. Politics are serious, stressful, important, and meaningful.

When you argue about sports, it's always something silly and, in the end, completely irrelevant. Who's better: Brady or Peyton? Who should be the #1 college football team? What should the Sox do about Varitek? Et cetera.

Political arguments are much heavier, with harsh consequences. Should the US attack Iran? What if North Korea launches a nuclear missile at Japan? What the hell should be done about the lack of credit in the economy? Abortion legal: yes/no?

A sports opinion is an opinion. A political opinion is a stance.

Sports are diversion, entertainment, fun for the family. Politics are dull, dreary, engrossing, involved.

So fuck you, Monday Night Football, for allowing our two potential leaders to invade the once secure sanctuary of sports. What's next? Hilary Clinton on WWE Raw?

Wait a minute...

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