Friday, November 21, 2008


42 points off the bench, 18 points and 8 assists from Rondo, 10 boards from Perkins, and 50% 3 point shooting propelled the Celtics to a 98-80 win over Detroit. Iverson, Hamilton, and Wallace inflicted some damage, but the Celtics limited every other Piston to minimal offensive production.

It was a battle of attrition and the Celtics gradually wore the Pistons away until they led by 20 going into the 4th and the game was all but over.

The C's have defeated Detroit twice this season and 6 of the last 9 times they've played. Can we even consider this a rivalry this season? Cleveland might end up being the Central Division winners, Detroit hasn't played well on the road, and they might just be the 4th best team in the East, not the 2nd anymore.

Celtics take on the Timberwolves in Minnesota tonight. The Bruins also host the Florida Panthers. When was the last late November night that we here in Boston had to choose between two first place teams to watch?


Photo Credit:
AP Photo/Charles Krupa

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