Friday, November 14, 2008


It's a shame to waste such a valiant comeback. It's a shame to be forced to comeback so valiantly against a team like the Jets. It's a shame that all the football talk until Sunday will involve Brett The Swashbuckling Gunslinging Ninja River Boat Gambler Pirate Favre, and Eric Mangenius.

It's a shame that Mike Vrabel was flagged for defensive holding, on a call that would have made Bill Polian say "THAT was holding!?!" It's a shame that the Jets won the coin toss. It's a shame the Pats couldn't stop them on 3rd and 15. It's a shame that kickoff return coverage has sucked the past few games. It's a shame the Jets were 9 of 16 on 3rd downs and the Pats were 4 of 14. It's a shame Matt Cassel led the team in rushing. It's a shame Ben Watson put the ball on the ground.

It's NOT a shame that the Pats rallied from 18 down and tied it, despite the efforts of the officials. It isn't a shame that Matt Cassel was 30/51 for 400 yards, 3 scores, and rushed for 62 yards. It's not a shame that Wes Welker had 10 grabs. It's not a shame that Watson and Jabbar Gaffney had their best games of the season. It's not a shame that Jerod Mayo had 20 tackles (16 solo), and Pierre Woods looked good filling in for Adalius.

This loss hurt like the Colts loss, but the Pats were just one play here or there away from victory. And that defensive holding call on Vrabel shouldn't be forgotten. That gave the Jets 3 downs which they used to put up 7, instead of kicking a field goal. The Pats also used up 2 timeouts on plays following the penalty.

A completely bullshit call.

Pats go down to Miami for a game on the 23rd. I remember a certain team from New England having an historical game in Miami on a November 23rd a few years ago. It's also my birthday. And Jonathan Papelbon's.


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