Monday, November 17, 2008


The NHL All-Star Game has Chicago rules for its voting. There's no limit to how many ballots you can cast. Not surprisingly, the fuckwads up North in Quebec are voting for their favorite femme fatales. "Guys" like Saku Koivu, Michael "Lucic is mon papa" Komisarek, and Alexei "водолаз" Kovalev (that's Russian for "the diver") are the leading vote-getters. In fact, all 6 starting positions are Canadiens.

Let's help prevent travesty. I'm encouraging Bruins fans everywhere to put aside their team loyalty in the interest of unity and hatred. Vote for guys like Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby. Also, Zdeno Chara is #4 in defenseman voting, so stuff the ballot box for him. He deserves to be there.

And write-in Tim Thomas. The retards at the NHL didn't put him on the ballot (only 10 goalies per each 15 team conference, makes sense right?). But all you have to do is write "Tim" in the write-in box and the site will do the rest.

Vote at

Or text the player's last name to 81812

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