Monday, December 08, 2008


The Pats defense struggled all day, and it nearly cost them a golden opportunity to tie the Jets in the AFC East. Injuries played their part as Ty Warren didn't even dress, Vince Wilfork went out early, Tedy Bruschi left the game in the 1st half, and Mike Vrabel missed a few plays. Junior Seau played much more than he should have and was fully exploited by the Seahawks. Colvin also failed to impress.

But in the end it was the defense that made the game sealing play. Brandon Meriweather, who has looked better and better as the season's progressed, timed his blitz to perfection, went untouched to the QB, and forced a fumble. Seattle was only 10 yards from field goal range so it was a massive play.

The Pats were also inches away from another game changing opportunity. The Seahawks fumbled on a kickoff and Stephen Gostkowski was the closest one to the ball. He got his hands on it, but wasn't able to surround the ball with his body and maintain possession. Two plays later Deion Branch is scurrying all over the field, gaining 63 yards, and just barely staying in bounds when he caught it.

Cassel didn't have a "Player of the Week" type of day, but he was very good throughout. He led the comeback drives nicely, looked poised all day, and avoided pressure. Seattle, at times, put a great deal of pressure on Cassel and he seemed to make the right decision each time. He used his feet to get back to the line of scrimmage, or buy him more time. He threw it away when he had to, and stepped up when he could.

How annoying were the announcers? Did they have to recite the alma mater's of EVERYONE that made a play? Did they have to ballwash their darling Pittsburgh Steelers at every opportunity, somehow giving THEM credit for Seattle having an 8 point lead? Calling Wes Welker "The Slot Machine" and "Mighty Mite" was ridiculous and quite lame. And the way they talked about Deion "Ever Since Tom Brady Stopped Being My QB I've Sucked" Branch as if he were still a relevant player. He juked Junior Seau and had one good game out of 30 in Seattle. Whoopty shit.

And Seattle, you're not the home of the 12th Man. College Station, Texas is home of the 12th man. And get rid of those puke-green gloves and cleats. It's one thing to suck, it's another thing to look bad while sucking.

With the Dolphins beating the Bills and the 49ers beating the Jets, there's a three way tie in the AFC East. If you're curious, Here are the NFL's tie-breaking procedures. All three teams are also a game behind Baltimore and Indianapolis for the 2 Wild Card spots.

The Pats stay out West and play the 3-10 Raiders. Get ready for some tuck-rule whining.


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