Wednesday, January 28, 2009


He's the worst, most redundant, tired, inane, annoying and dunderheaded columnist in Boston, perhaps the country, maybe even the world. Dan "Curse of the Bambino" Shaughnessy. Dan "Shank" Shaughnessy. Dan "Curly Haired Boyfriend" Shaughnessy.

And he's at it again.

This time he rips Tom Brady for being spoon-fed by Gisele Bundchen while on a trip to Mexico with her.

Shaughnessy's anger stems from paparazzi photos of the two. But what would he have Brady do? Say "No Gisele, let me feed myself. There may photographers in the bushes, and I want to maintain my masculine image."

I guess Shaughnessy wants Brady to live his life based on other people's perceptions, and somehow that would prove his manhood?

Seriously, Shank, get a life. I know the 21st century is a hard one for super-negative hyper-critical writers like him. The Pats won 11 games with a backup, the Sox are 2 time champs, the Celtics won their 17th, and even the Bruins are good. Now is the winter of Dan Shaughnessy's discontent.

What pissed me off most was the laundry list of things Shaughnessy was "OK" with:

"We didn't raise questions when he lost the Gillette Stadium parking space awarded to the guy who arrives earliest, leaves latest, and practices hardest. We didn't hammer him for not sticking around on crutches to help from the sideline. We bought the company line that Tom did not want to create a distraction. We gave him a pass when he failed to grant a single interview about his condition. We didn't rip him when he finally did an interview - a radio spot in Toronto - and it turned out he was just promoting a new sports cream."

Brady was nursing an injury when he lost his space. I wouldn't want a franchise QB with knee injuries spending Sundays on his feet on the sidelines of a football game. If a player ran into him and he fell awkwardly, vulture writers like Shaughnessy would clamor "Why was he on the sidelines?"

Dan also used a form of the phrase "jumping the shark." Shank, "jumping the shark" has long since jumped the shark. And so has your tired act.

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