Thursday, February 12, 2009


What a joke Alex Rodriguez has become, and truly has always been. The one thing he had going for him was his numbers. Many believed that one day he'd surpass Ruth, then Aaron, then Bonds. And legitimately so. 100 years from now, people wouldn't remember how much of a choker he was in the playoffs, or all the drama he carried with him like a purse.

And now even that's out the window.

Just how funny is A-Rod's career?

Remember this from the 2004 ALCS?

Then there's his .279 career postseason average.

There was his muscle-bound stripper mistress, who, in retrospect, probably did roids along with Rodriguez, then beat the crap out of him.

Then he won a prize for being Madonna's 10,000th "customer," but got dumped by the 50 year old. That's right, she's 50. And he got dumped.

Then there was Joe Torre outing A-Rod as a figure of amusement in the Yankee clubhouse, nicknamed A-Fraud behind his back. Torre also discussed his obsession with teammate Derek Jeter.

And now he's been exposed as a cheater.

This video clip from 60 Minutes a few years ago is priceless...

Watch it again and notice how he half-nods while saying he's never done steroids or HGH.

This is all just too funny. But it's also sad. Because of cheaters like Rodriguez, Clemens, and Bonds; clean players from this generation will have their numbers overly scrutinized forever. Instead of being honored for succeeding in an environment swarming with cheats, they'll be lowered to their level. And that's the tragedy of all this.

Who is responsible for this tragedy? Selig and Major League Baseball share a piece of the blame cake. The owners knew what was happening, and didn't care until it became public. Looking back at the 1998 Home Run race, us fans were pretty naive to not notice that Sammy Sosa became Babe Ruth overnight, and Mark McGwire was an Irish version of the Incredible Hulk.

But hey, here's a thought; LET'S BLAME THE PLAYERS WHO ACTUALLY DID IT!!!

Nobody put a gun to A-Fraud's head and made him juice up. Nobody threatened Barry Bonds to down some HGH. And these guys were hardly scrapping minor leaguers. These were established MLB stars, multi-millionaires, who's greed for glory exceeded their respect for the game.

Fuck them.

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