Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Paul Pierce spent most of the game an abstract on defense and a ghost on offense. He turned it on in the 4th quarter. After ticky-tacky fouls forced Ray Allen out of the game (Heinsohn's cardiologist must have been on call after that), Pierce needed to step up, and he did.

But Rajon Rondo was the star. Another double-double, another 28 points. And when did Glen Davis get this good? He had 21, which is good because the bench only contributed 5 points.

The C's were down and out in the 4th, and finally, FINALLY, they showed that killer instinct. Like a snake cornered, they bit fast and hard. They attacked the Bulls, and now they go back to Chicago with a chance to end the series.

Game 6 is Tuesday night, and I think the Celtics are going to get up by 20 at halftime, and finish the Bulls off with relative ease.


Photo Credit:
AP Photo/Winslow Townson


  1. The Bulls totally gave that game away with turnovers and lack of poise in the clutch.

    Rondo has played brilliantly but last night showed me that he’s developing into a pretty cheap, if not dirty, player. Late in the game Hinrich was driving to the hoop only to have Rondo stick out his knee to trip him and send him crashing face fist into the floor. Then, of course, you have his attempt to fish hook Brad Miller at the end of OT. Both played resulted in bloody Bulls and both were a result of Bowen..err Rondo.

    The Celtic are chock full of players that are very easy to hate; Pierce, Rondo, Ray Allen, Perkins, Scalebrine, etc, but it is impossible to hate on Big Baby. I love that guy! Someone built like that should not be able to hit an outside shot EVER, much less with the consistency he has shown. He's been playing great all series.

  2. Of course they're easy to hate if you hate everything Boston. I don't know how you can hate Scal or Ray Ray.