Sunday, April 26, 2009


Championship teams have a killer instinct. When cornered, they strike hardest. When an opponent is down, they level the final blow. Thus far, the Celtics have yet to show this killer instinct.

After the blowout in Game 3, the Bulls outlasted the Celtics in double OT. The C's had a 5 point lead in the first OT, but couldn't salt away the game. Paul Pierce was a nonfactor, Glen Davis was inconsistent, Ray Allen's clutchness went to waste, and Ben Gordon was on fire.

Davis missed a few lay-ups in the 1st OT that he probably should have hit. and overall, Big Baby didn't have a great game. That being said, it's unfortunate that the Celtics NEEDED Glen Davis to have a great game in order to win. Why was this necessary? Because Paul Pierce stank up the joint.

Pierce may have had 29 points, but he was 9 of 24 shooting. That game tying 3 Gordon hit to send the game to double overtime, guess who was covering him? Paul Pierce.

Some much needed venting:

Stephon Marbury is a bust and his head tattoo is lame.

Tony Allen sucks.

Mikki Moore is completely useless. Do they just pick him up as a hitch hiker on the way to the arena every game? The C's might as well play with 4 men instead of having him in the game.

Last year, the Celtics didn't give up 4th quarter leads in the playoffs. They simply did not allow it. But Sunday afternoon in Chicago, they did. So instead of having a young team down and nearly out, with an almost unassailable 3-1 series lead. Now, a young team can taste blood. The Bulls have momentum on their side, and the series essentially starts over as a best of 3.

Game 5 is Tuesday night at 7.


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  1. Chicago does a lot of dumb things but they can still win this series. This one's going 7 games and Chicago will pull it out.