Monday, April 27, 2009


I love Joe Morgan's "analysis," that stealing home should never happen with a lefty at bat. As if it's easy to do so with a righty.

Undoubtedly, that was the most exciting play of the season so far. When Ellsbury's on base, he's a terror.

How about the players the Red Sox farm system produces? Ellsbury with his two stolen bases. Justin "the TARP" Masterson with 5.1 solid innings against a tough lineup. Hunter Jones comes in and gets 2 outs. Michael Bowden pitches 2 perfect innings before returning to AAA Pawtucket.

There's a word for what the Yankees are doing: wallowing. New York always struggles out of the gate, but in this division, with teams like the Sox, Rays, and Jays, the Yanks could find themselves with an overwhelming deficit by the end of May.

The Red Sox swept their 9 game homestand, and have won 10 in a row.

The Man of the Game? I know Ellsbury made the play of the game, but I'm going to give it to Michael Bowden, who had 2 perfect innings of relief, and probably should have gotten a chance to finish the game instead of using Saito in the 9th.

The Sox play the Indians tonight, Wakefield faces 1-3 Cliff Lee.


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