Saturday, April 18, 2009


Those hats are a fucking travesty.

I almost forgot to write about this game, with the Celtics and Bulls playing Game 1, the Bruins and Habs playing Game 2, and the FA Cup semi-finals, and Velociraptor Awareness Day. But it was one of the best games of the season in terms of excitement. Down 7-0, the Sox roared back and won 10-8. In their last 18 innings (17 really), they've scored 18 runs. Not bad, not bad.

Brad Penny should have taken all the Sox hitters out for drinks, and the bullpen too. 6 innings of scoreless relief, even though Javier Lopez's frame was shaky to say the least.

David Ortiz continues to struggle, and now I'm getting worried. The ball simply isn't exploding off his bat, even when he makes perfect contact.

Kevin Youkilis got side-swiped by a ball to the head. His reaction to it should be distributed to all 30 MLB teams and their hitters. He got up, walked to first base, and continued playing baseball. Getting hit by pitches, and nearly getting hit by pitches is part of the game. The other hitters in baseball need to learn this.

The Man of the Game is JD Drew. He was 2 for 2 with a homer and a triple, and walked 3 times. He scored 3 runs. Jason Bay was a close 2nd.

First back-to-back wins for the Sox this season.

0-1 Adam Eaton vs. 1-1 Josh Beckett tonight. Watch it during commercials of the Bruins game on NESN+.


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AP Photo/Charles Krupa

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