Monday, May 11, 2009


The Red Sox hadn't won a series against the Rays since last June. Pathetic, right? Finally, that streak came to an end.

Should the Red Sox just sign Jason Bay right now? Another clutch performance for Bay, who was 2 for 4 with a pair of doubles and the game winning RBI.

Josh Beckett was good, not great, and we're still waiting to see that Ace reemerge. But putting two solid starts together in a row is a step in the right direction. And he gave the team a chance to win, which is the first job of a starting pitcher.

Jonathan Papelbon's save wasn't the prettiest, but it had its own appeal. He struck out the side while giving up some baserunners and making Fenway Park nervous. But maybe he saw Big Baby's dramatics earlier and wanted to outdo the Celtics.

Dustin Pedroia "tweaked his groin" and left the game in the 3rd. He should be back by Wednesday, though. I was a bit nervous, because it seems like the injury bug has removed the hottest Red Sox hitter from the lineup. First Kevin Youkilis, then Pedroia? Then Bay?

Man of the Game: Jason Bay... again.

The Sox embark on their last West Coast trip of the year, first to Anaheim, then Seattle. Jared Weaver and his 3-1 record and 2.66 ERA take on Justin Masterson Tuesday night.


Photo Credit:
AP Photo/Michael Dwyer


  1. Long-time reader, former Boston resident, now Seattle resident. I'll be there on Friday with my Sox jersey!

    As always, better than the sports page, especially since you're not the curly-haired Dan.

  2. Anonymous11:06 PM

    love this site, have to disagree about beckett. he was excellent. 1 run scored because of a carl crawford check swing, one because of a carl crawford bloop that stayed in the air forever (i would hate to see jd drew dive or anything). he did tire towards the end, but he was pretty damn good last night.