Friday, August 07, 2009


I don't gamble, at least not on sports. But Wednesday night, I seriously contemplated emptying my bank account, finding a bookie, and betting everything on the Yankees to win. John Smoltz vs. Joba Chamberlain. A struggling and injured Sox team against a soaring and healthy Yankees squad. I would've cleaned up.

It's a good thing the Red Sox acquired Paul Byrd, because John Smoltz' tenure as a starter looks to be nearing an end. He can still be an asset in the bullpen (the Sox could use some help out there, as well). He's failed at one of the fundamental things ALL starting pitchers must do: retire batters more than once.

And remember when people thought the Sox had enough pitching for a 6 man rotation?

And all the amateur sports psychologists who are attributing the last two losses to that 13 inning debacle Tuesday night, get a clue. The Sox put Brad Penny, then John Smoltz on the mound against good lineups and they were lit up. End of story.

The good news is that Josh Beckett pitches Friday night, against AJ Burnett.


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