Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The whole John Smoltz situation has become very confused. He didn't seem to want to be a reliever for the Red Sox, the Sox didn't seem to want to turn him into a reliever, and now it looks as though the Cardinals want him as a reliever. But also, it seems like he wants to be a reliever for them.

John Smoltz's tenure in Boston will probably be a sidenote in Red Sox and baseball history, but the next time the Sox sign a scrap-heap pitcher who is either overweight...

or over the hill, I hope the rest of Red Sox Nation will be as cynical, skeptical, and pessimistic as I am. As a fanbase, we've been far too optimistic about guys the Sox take shots with.

And as far as the Red Sox go, I am sick and tired of their recent tendency to acquire 3 or 4 mediocre arms, and hope that 1 or 2 pan out. Getting a guy like Smoltz, or even Colon is fine. But when you depend on undependable pitchers becoming dependable, you can depend on finding yourself in a bad situation.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch


  1. This would be interesting if it happens, even with a staff as good as the Cards' is there is always room for a quality reliever. And if he doesn't pan out, no biggie. It's not like the Cubs are gonna catch up or anything.

    Smoltz was usually good for an inning or two before meltdown, right?

  2. Correct. The first time thru the lineup, opponents were hitting somewhere in the low .200s against him. The 2nd and rarely 3rd times thru, it was .350+

  3. There you go, he could be used as a set up guy for Ryan Franklin. I'd be all right with that.