Monday, August 10, 2009


The Sox signed then 22 year old Junichi Tazawa, thinking it would take him a few years to adjust from dominating the Japanese corporate league to America's minors and eventually the Majors.

After going 9-5 in AA Portland with a 2.57 ERA, he was promoted to AAA Pawtucket on July 27. That's right, he has about two weeks experience at the AAA level. He only made 2 starts for the PawSox, going 0-2 with a 2.55 ERA.

He made his Major League debut in that 15 inning torture Friday night in New York, giving up a homerun to Alex Rodriguez, and taking the loss.

The fact that he's now in the rotation, scheduled to start Tuesday against the Tigers, speaks volumes about the Red Sox' desperation. Remember when people were suggesting a 6 man rotation? Well now the Sox have reached armpit deep into the well to produce Tazawa as a savior.

Nothing against Tazawa, but his insertion to the rotation really depresses me. This team can't hit, has a trio of #5 pitchers who can't go further than 6 inning, and a bullpen that seems to be betting on the other team.

What happens with Smoltz? It seems as though teams like Houston and Texas are considering him. He could go down to AAA Pawtucket and convert to a reliever for the Sox. He could retire. It's pretty much up to him. I think he can be valuable as a reliever, considering how well he went through lineups the first time they saw him.

And the Sox need bullpen help, almost as bad as they need help with everything else.

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