Tuesday, September 08, 2009


The neverending story that is Daisuke Matsuzaka's rehab will add a new chapter Wednesday in Winston-Salem, NC. He'll pitch for the single-A Salem Red Sox in their Carolina League playoff game against the Winston-Salem Dash.

Daisuke's struggled in his last two outings. But afterword, through a translator, he'll give some BS about "experimenting" with one thing or another. Well so far in his rehab, Dr. Dice-K and his madcap experiments haven't produced anything.

We all remember the debacle about Daisuke and the Sox shoulder program. We all know that the Sox weren't happy with his off-season conditioning program that consisted of throwing, more throwing, then some more throwing. And then he threw even more in the WBC.

Daisuke hasn't subscribed to the way things are done in America. There wasn't any sucuh drama when Hideo Nomo, Hideki Irabu, and other Japanese pitchers made the transition from Japan to the Majors. Why is Daisuke different? How come Junichi Tazawa doesn't have his own throwing programs?

Frankly, I'm sick of Daisuke's drama. Just do what the rest of the team does, and then if that doesn't work, figure it out on your own. But Matsuzaka's regimen of his own homespun remedies have done nothing but fail him, and fail the team.

Winston-Salem Journal

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