Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Terrell Owens just doesn't know how to shutup. I guess he didn't learn his lesson from 2007, when he talked about popcorn and "the real #81" leading up to the Patriots/Cowboys game. A game the Pats won 48-27. You'd think that he would learn his lesson.

What did he say now. When asked if he had something up his sleeve for Monday's game against the Patriots, he responded:

"Nah, nothing up my sleeve. I might bring my spy camera out, though."

Way to be topical and current, Terrell. And thanks for giving the Patriots bulletin board material. It usually works out for us here in New England.

Terrell Owens' career is bloated with baseless trash-talk and whining. He's a media-whore who never met a camera he didn't like, apparently not even a spy camera.

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