Friday, September 11, 2009


It's finally happened (or has it?) The Raiders have "drafted and signed a five-day letter addressed to Seymour." This is an ultimatem. Seymour has 5 days to show up to practice. If he doesn't, he's effectively suspended for the 2009 season. He'll also be unable to achieve free agency in 2010. That is, of course, if the letter has been sent yet. That much is still uncertain, which shouldn't surprise us considering how uncertain this whole mess has been.

It's looking extremely unlikely that Seymour will participate in Oakland's Week 1 defeat to the Chargers. Even if he showed up today, he doesn't know the Raider defense at all.

I just don't understand what Seymour wants or expects from this situation. Doesn't he and his representation realize he's in a shitty but inescapable mess? Does he have the same agent as Phil Kessel?

San Jose Mercury News

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