Monday, October 05, 2009


That's the 1-2-3 the Sox rotation will be in to start the impending ALDS against the Angels. And I couldn't agree more with it. While Beckett is Beckett, and is capable of outstanding brilliance; it's been Lester who's truly been the rock of the rotation. Lester's reliable, Beckett hasn't been.

Then there's the decision to place Buchholz in front of Matsuzaka. And I like that call, as well. Buchholz is the more consistent of the two, and is the more likely to give 7+ innings.

In any Game 3, you'll either be up 2-0, down 2-0, or tied 1-1.

If up 2-0, you don't want to ease off, but it isn't imperative to win. You'll still have Game 4, which will also be at Fenway.

If down 2-0, it doesn't matter who starts because everyone with an arm is available to throw. You're desperate, and you want a guy like Buchholz who is more likely to go out there and give you a lights out performance.

Daisuke is the perfect guy to have in a Game 4. The Sox will either be up 2-1, or down 2-1. Down 2-1, Matsuzaka can have his token 5 innings, but guys like Lester and Beckett can help the bullpen and throw an inning of middle relief. Up 2-1 is a similarly precarious situation, because you don't want to lose and play a Game 5 on the road.

I think the Sox playoff rotation is set-up as best as it could be.

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