Tuesday, November 24, 2009


A nice 4-2 win was the best birthday gift I received yesterday. Second best actually, behind the new Star Trek DVD. And third best if you count birthday beers as gifts.

The Bruins have only had multiple power play goals in three games this year. They had 23 such games last season. Even strength, the Blues outscored the Bruins 2-1, but the Bruins notched a pair of power play goals, and also a shorthanded score from Sturm.

Patrice Bergeron assisted on all 4 goals. His heads-up play on the B's final goal was simply stupendous. Slapping the puck down with his backhand, then finding Sturm in the high slot, all in one motion. It was utterly brilliant, and the kind of play you'd see from Bergeron 3 years ago.

This was without a doubt Bergeron's best offensive game since the concussion.

Marc Savard returned and looked like his old self. During a 2-on-1 breakaway with Sturm, Savard's pass was so clever that it actually fooled Sturm, who couldn't get a handle on it in time to score.

Milan Lucic had another crushing game. When he and Bitz are on the ice at the same time, it's very fun hockey to watch. Bitz also had a nice fight. What I like best about his technique is that he wasn't trying too hard for the takedown. He wanted Jackman to stay upright so he could fight some more.

The Bruins look to make it four straight Wednesday night in Minnesota when they take on the Wild (awful name, almost as bad as Thrashers or Predators). The Wild have the 3rd worst record in the NHL.


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  1. I cant believe this:

    'the Globe says Thorts declined Cam Janssen's request to fight. Thorts replyed "I just dont see the reason to fight".'