Monday, November 02, 2009


You get a decent effort with an unfortunate loss to the Devils. Then a great, high-flying game against Edmonton, then get shutout by Henrik Lundqvist and the Rangers.

I guess treading water until guys like Savard and Lucic return isn't so bad. I suppose losing by 1 goal to good teams isn't so bad.

But a 13.6% power play is bad. It's worse than bad. It's flat-out inexcusable. That's 28th in the League. Only the Florida Panthers and Nashville Predators are worse. A team with plenty of forward depth should not be below 15% this deep into the season. They should be 20% or better.

And having the 21st best PK unit isn't too good either, but at least that's shown some signs of improvement lately.

It's a long season, but it gets shorter every day. And if the season ended right now, the Bruins would be 9th in the Eastern Conference.

Big stretch of games coming up for the B's. They play Western Conference Champion Detroit on the road Tuesday night. That game's on Versus. Then they host Montreal and Buffalo on Thursday and Saturday, respectively.


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