Thursday, November 05, 2009


It would be a shame to get your first loss against the Minnesota Timberwovles, but that's almost what happened last night.

It's nice having a bench. The Celtics' bench compared to Minnesota's was the difference in this game. 25 points came from the C's reserves, while the T-wolves only got 14 from theirs. Rasheed Wallace led the bench with 7 points and 5 rebounds.

KG had a double-double with 12 points and 11 boards. We've yet to see him have a really big night scoring wise, but it'll come. Until then, the Celtics have plenty of other weapons, and a defense as fierce as ever. Rajon Rondo had 18 points, and all five starters were in double digits.

Big game Friday as the Celtics host the Suns.


Photo Credit:
AP Photo/Jim Mone

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