Monday, November 09, 2009


It wasn't perfect. It wasn't even that pretty, especially compared to their last two victories, but a division win is a division win. It's nice to be 2 full games up on the Jets, and 3 up on Miami. It's nice that when these teams play again in a few weeks, the Dolphins might already be out of the race. And it's nice when Jerry Porter finishes a game with 0 tackles.

What isn't nice is the Patriots' red zone offense. The big play offense is back, as demonstrated by Randy Moss' 71 yard touchdown reception. But the Pats' are 24th in red zone scoring efficiency at 46.7%. They were 50.8% last year with Matt Cassel at QB. It's great if you have Gostkowski on your fantasy team, not if you're a Pats fan.

3 more sub-40 yard field goals today. The Pats could have easily gone into half-time up 24-10. Instead it was only 16-10. This can't happen against the elite teams of the NFL. And the Pats' defense is solid, but it isn't a stand-alone unit that can win games by itself. It needs an offense that scored touchdowns.

But it was nice to see Adalius Thomas and Laurence Maroney have good games.

Monster game next Sunday night in Indy against the 8-0 Colts.


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