Monday, December 28, 2009


Believe it or not, the Panthers are decent. They're floating around that 8th spot in the Conference. Beating them on the road is a nice little snack.

Tim Thomas was outstanding. He allowed a weird goal that came off a bad-angle shot and found the .01% of the post side that Thomas didn't have covered. It was a shot meant to create a juicy rebound, but sometimes guys get lucky.

After that, he was like Dominek Hasek out there. I've seen much better outings by him, this year and last, especially in terms of positioning. But his athleticism atoned for those shortcomings in anticipation.

Ryder tipped in the Bruins' first goal, his 10th of the year. Sturm's game-winner was his team-leading 11th. Sturm's speed coupled with Savard's vision and touch will make for a deadly combination once the two spend enough time together to figure everything out.

Bruins @ Lightning tonight at 7:30.


Photo Credit:
AP Photo/Rick Silva


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  2. I've noticed a lot of great looking foxes in your posts as of late. Please keep that up.

    Also, how about the C's losing two in a row to some of the lesser teams in the West? Thoughts?