Thursday, January 14, 2010


I consider myself a relatively serious Patriots fan. I've been to every home game the last 3 years (albeit in a working capacity, but I've still been there rain/shine). I fancy myself more knowledgeable and less emotional than most Pats fans, but even I had to look up who the Patriots' coordinators are.

Dean Pees is the defensive coordinator, and there is no offensive coordinator.

Charlie Weis was available to be a coordinator. The Chiefs grabbed him. There is no offensive coordinator in Foxborough, and the Patriots made not a single effort to seduce their Prodigal Coach back home. Apparently it was felt that nobody is better than Weis.

I remember the actual moment I began to miss Charlie Weis, and Josh McDaniels, too. It was Week 10 in Indy. Right before the Pats went for it on 4th & 2, they were confused, and took a timeout. That lack of a timeout prevented them from challenging what should have been a much closer spot of the ball.

But I remember watching NFL Films, and the DVD 21, and watching Weis on the Patriot sidelines, preparing his unit for any and all contingencies. "If we stop them here, we have X yards to go for a field goal. If they get a field goal, we'll probably have Y seconds to get a touchdown." That kind of thing.

Weis thought ahead. He was a chess master, thinking 8 minutes ahead in a game. If he wanted to go for it on 4th & 2, he would've made the decision when it was 2nd & 10.

There would've been no need for that timeout.

Maybe Weis and Crennel don't want to return to New England. Maybe they don't want to take that apparent step backward in their careers. That's understandable. But did the Patriots even call them or their agents. I certainly hope they did. Because those are two premier coordinators. Not only that, it's going to be some time before another team steals them away as head coaches.

The Patriots apparently chose a void over Charlie Weis. And I just don't get that. Especially after a season of bland plays and total offensive failure in key moments.

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