Wednesday, February 03, 2010


I went to this game last night. And I wore my Vladislav Tretiak jersey. Tretiak was a revolutionary goalie who won 3 gold medals for the USSR in '72, '76 and '84. Why does Evgeni Nabokov wear the #20? Because Vladislav Tretiak wore it fist. Tretiak was awarded the Order of Lenin, which was a big deal in the USSR. He's also the first player inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame to have never played a North American game.

So I wore this jersey because USSR=anti-capitalism=anti-Capitals=fuck Ovechkin. Get it? Kind of a nerdy joke. Plus it's one of my favorite jerseys ever. And I wore a Bruins shirt underneath it, along with a Bruins scarf, and my Zdeno Chara bobblehead pin.

The Bruins played an inspirational 2/3 of a game. Jose Theodore was "on" and by that I mean he stuck his glove and his stick in random, disjointed locations, and the puck just so happened to find it. I'll never respect Jose Theodore, he's a primitive and savage netminder, and if the Bruins were more sophisticated shooters, they would've been able to take advantage. Or if they'd been able to insist enough of a presence in the crease.

It's closing time for the Ryder-Krejci-Wheeler line. Sobotka and Bitz were healthy scratches tonight. I'd much rather see them out there as opposed to Wheeler and Ryder. Krejci can fall in line with other players, maybe skate with Recchi and Satan. But Wheeler's ineptitude and Ryder's unwillingness have become more than just annoying. It's detrimental. These two clowns sabotage the Bruins' offense.

Wheeler, because of his size and the fact that he tries, could maintain himself on a 4th line with guys like Sobotka and Begin. Focus more on solid defense, being physical, instead of trying to be Wayne Gretzky.

But there are some good signs becoming apparent. Krejci finally scored, albeit seemingly by mistake. And the team's playing with more energy and life.

Bruins host the Canadiens Thursday.

Back to my Tretiak jersey, some guy on the Orange Line gave me shit for wearing the color red. As if he were a Crip or something.

I asked him if he had a problem with me, then aggressiveness ensued. By the time I changed trains at Downtown Crossing, 5 people were throwing haymakers over nothing. Utter insanity, all because I chose to wear my Tretiak jersey.


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