Monday, February 01, 2010


It was the favorite go-to topic on sports radio the last week. "Nobody cares about the Pro Bowl." And to be honest, I had no idea what time it was on until I asked the bartender at Friday's yesterday afternoon.

You know what, keep the Pro Bowl. I watched it. And although I wasn't thoroughly entertained, but it was on, and what the hell else was? A commercial infested Matrix trilogy on AMC was the biggest competition.

Lots of players backed out of the Pro Bowl due to injury or disinterest. But even David Garrard looks impressive when the defense won't blitz, and Chad Ochocinco is your receiver.

Then you got players like Ochocinco, and Ray Lewis. Guys who just love to play.

You're not going to find competitiveness in an Allstar game, in any sport. And I'm fine with that. There's sufficient competitiveness in the regular seasons and playoffs.

And when there's nothing else on on a Sunday evening, I'll take a meaningless, halfassed football game over no Pro Bowl at all.

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