Wednesday, March 03, 2010


I could reboot the old Bruin excuse machine that I've used so many times this season. I could blame the Olympic break. I could say that Chara was worn out, as Slovakia played the maximum number of games and the Slovaks put him on the ice more than the Bruins do. And the non-Olympians were all rusty. But wouldn't the Canadiens be just as rusty?

The Bruins were somehow up 1-0 after a period dominated by Montreal, but saved by Rask. Sturm scored the B's goal, and it was kind of a joke. On a power play, the puck just sort of pooped out from behind Carey Price, sat there for what seemed like an eternity before Sturm tapped it in.

But the bad habits continued. There was a hope that Rask could continue to make brilliant saves, and for the most part, he did just that. It was 1-0 going into the 3rd. And the Bruins had actually generated some decent scoring chances in the 2nd. Although they got a bit too fancy, "a little cute" as Savard described it postgame.

I'm not going to attack Tuukka Rask. It's not his fault that the Bruins' defense melted like Frosty in the Sahara.

But the Tuukka Time Twits (and if you don't know any, you haven't sat in Section 314) out there attacked Thomas for goals that resulted from defensive ineptitude, so fair is fair.

But the Bruins shouldn't be dependent on 22 year old goalies to win games for them. The Bruins were outplayed at pretty much every level of gameplay. For fuck's sake, they were outmuscled on the boards by the Montreal Canadiens!

And I don't want the Bruins to make any deals, at least no significant ones. This team has more holes than a pornstar convention. They really need an entire line of forwards to supplant Wheeler, Krejci, and Ryder, who are all bumbling fools.

And Andrew Ference is a load. -3 last night, a well deserved -3.

I don't want to mortgage the future just to get one guy who will improve this team from the 8th best in the East to the 6th best.

Bruins vs. Maple Leafs Thursday night.


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