Wednesday, April 07, 2010


When asked about his 0 for 7 start of the 2009 season, David Ortiz threw a hissy fit:

"(Expletive) happens. Then you guys talk (expletive). Two (expletive) games already. (Expletive) are going crazy. What’s up with that, man? (Expletive). There’s (expletive) 160 games left. Y’all (expletive) go ahead and hit for me."

The guy hit .238 last year, despite his 28 homeruns. He can't play the field and is paid $13 million to hit. Which he hasn't done this season, and barely did last season.

Screw David Ortiz. Get paid millions of dollars, get worshiped by millions of fans, get caught cheating, get away with it, then get pissed when reporters interrogate you about sucking. Now go get some Midol, Papi.

And even now, he'll be coddled by the fan base and most reporters. In John Tomase's Ortiz column, he refers to Papi as "embattled." Everyone seems worried that Ortiz is putting himself under stress to excel, as if his hitting struggles are just mental.

To be blunt, maybe he just sucks when he's not cheating. His bat seems slow and erratic, almost out of control, as if he lacked the strength to quickly punch it through the zone, precisely striking the ball with the sweet spot.

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