Thursday, April 01, 2010


There have been some rumblings, rumors, and theories that the Patriots are going to draft Florida's Tim Tebow. Don't worry Pats fans, this will not happen. And here is why:

#1: The Patriots Want Pocket Passers
Matt Cassel was the most "athletic" QB the Patriots have had on their roster in recent years. Perhaps Doug Flutie fits into that category as well. But the Patriots are built around pocket-passing. Maybe a guy like Tebow could buy some time with his feet, but with receivers like Welker and Moss, you don't want a QB pulling the ball down and trying to make too many plays on his own. It doesn't consistently work in the NFL.

#2: The Pats Aren't as "Revolutionary" as You Think
Belichick is not looking to redefine the quarterback position. They're not looking to redefine any position. Belichick's true genius is his ability to properly utilize existing ideas and schemes at the correct time, in the appropriate situation. The dynamic offense of '07 and the stingy defenses of '03 and '04 were all successfully built around basic and preexisting principles. They simply implemented MULTIPLE principles, and VARIOUS systems at different times.

#3: Why Would You Waste the Pick?
The Patriots already have a quarterback, and a pretty good one at that. Now he's not going to be around forever, but the Pats aren't going to waste any pick before the 3rd round on a POTENTIAL replacement for a position that's already beyond satisfactory.

#4: There are Other Needs to Address
As interesting as a Tim Tebow experiment might be, the Patriots have far too many needs at too many positions to worry about converting Tebow to a new spot. The Pats need some RBs, a 3rd WR, some O-line help, some D-line help, some linebackers inside and out, and some DBs. It's an extremely long grocery list.

#5: Tebow Will Suck in the NFL
The Jaguar's Uche Nwaneri put it better than I ever could...

1. He can't throw, PERIOD.
2. He can't read any coverage other than probably cover 2 or man.
4. He doesn’t know how to take a snap from center.
5. HE CAN’T THROW, and that’s really something you either have or not.

Numbers 2 and 4 are my biggest fears for Tebow in the NFL. Being a successful QB in this League is maybe 25% physical and 75% mental. Being able to read coverages, read pass rushes, stay poised under pressure, make smart decisions, stay alive in the pocket, et cetera. These are what separate decent QBs, good QBs, then great QBs.

And having to worry about a QB taking a snap under center is just silly.

Now, if Tebow falls, and I mean like a meteor, to the late rounds, I'm sure the Patriots would burn a semi-irrelevant pick on him as an athlete. But that's because there'd be nothing to lose. Otherwise, a different team will get to enjoy Tebow sucking in the NFL.

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