Monday, April 26, 2010


Remember that knock-knock joke? Dwayne the bath-tub, I'm dwowning! Only this time, the name's been misspelled.

Dwyane Wade scored an inexcusable 46 points, leading the Heat to a Game 4 victory, thus avoiding the sweep. Do the Heat have a chance? Hardly. But they can still wear out the aging Celtics with a lengthy series, which can foment doom for the next round.

I don't put too much stock in +/- as a basketball stat. But Pierce was -12, Glen Davis was -22 and Rasheed Wallace was -20. Clearly, in a game in which the Celtics allowed 101 points, defense was the main problem. And these +/- stats are a good place to start when looking to assign blame for the defensive shortcomings.

But to be frank, I'll be worried if the Celtics lose Game 5. The Heat took one. Just one (so far). There's no need to panic, or even consider preparing to panic.

The Celtics host Game 5 Tuesday night.

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