Wednesday, April 28, 2010


After a 13-12 debacle, the Sox won another close, 1 run game, albeit much more subdued. Buchholz went 8 innings, scattering 7 hits (6 of them singles, 1 double), and allowing only 1 run. And that's all he could manage to allow. He threw 117 pitches.

There's been constant background rumbling about Buchholz moving to the pen to bolster the Sox' struggling relief. To do so would remove the Sox starter that's performed best this season. He's 2-2 with a 2.19 ERA, and while he's allowed ample unearned runs, and only has 2 Quality Starts, he's gone 5+ innings in all 5 of his starts.

The Sox offense ground out 2 runs. They had opportunity for more, registering 7 hits and drawing 5 walks. The Sox were 1/7 with runners in scoring position.

Scoring twice and winning 2-1 is hardly something to be awestruck by, but 2-1 wins are much more reassuring than 13-12 wins. These are the kinds of games the Sox are built to play and win. Excellent starting pitching overcoming the shortfalls of a weak offense and a shallow bullpen.

Rubber game tonight as Jon Lester faces Brett Cecil.

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