Friday, April 30, 2010


SAN JOSE 4, DETROIT 3 (Sharks lead series 1-0)

The Wings didn't get much time to rest after their Game 7 win in Phoenix. In fact, their plane landed in San Jose after the airport's curfew the other night, so they're facing a $2,500 fine. While physically they seemed fine last night, they were a bit fuzzy at the start of this game. They allowed 3 goals in 79 seconds in the 1st period. Apart from that, they looked great, except a semi-soft goal allowed by Howard. So enjoy it while it lasts San Jose. Joe "Dude" Pavelski scored twice (including the game winner), and had an assist. The Dude abides.

Tonight's game:
7:00pm - Montreal @ Pittsburgh - Versus

Saturday's games:
12:30pm - Philadelphia @ Boston - NBC
8:00pm - Vancouver @ Chicago - Versus

Sunday's games:
2:00pm - Montreal @ Pittsburgh - NBC
8:00pm - Detroit @ San Jose - Versus

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