Monday, May 10, 2010


LeBron James' elbow is fine. Anyone who believes otherwise either works for ESPN, or is LeBron James himself. I'm not accusing him of knowingly faking it. In his own egotistical mind, he's convinced he's hurt.

Rajon Rondo isn't hurt either. But he did put the hurt on the Cavs yesterday evening. 29 points, 18 boards, 13 assists. It was truly one of the best individual efforts in Celtics' postseason history. Which is quite an exultation.

Rondo's offense was needed, as Paul Pierce failed to show up. He scored 9 points, and had a mediocre night on the defensive side of the ball. Ray Allen was 1/8 from beyond the arc, but did wind up with 18 total points. He attempted 21 field goals. KG also had 18.

Tony Allen contributed some huge minutes off the bench. He scored 15, and was a force on defense. He also had 5 rebounds. He was a key player down the stretch.

This series is one of the weirder I've ever seen. Game 5 Tuesday night in Cleveland.

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