Friday, May 14, 2010


Cleveland was never really in this game. They hung around in the neighborhood for awhile, but slowly slipped away. It's hard to blame LeBron, who scored 27 points, had 19 boards, and 10 assists. If you need a guy to score 40 points per game to win, you just don't have a good team.

And that's what this came down to. The Celtics have a better T-E-A-M, team. The Celtics are like the Beatles, and the Cavs are like the Wings. Sure, Paul McCartney's a genius, and the rest of the Wings were decent, but that's not going to sell 1.2 billion albums for ya. It takes a great team to win a title, and the Cavaliers simply aren't a great team. They have one insanely great player, with decent teammates, but that's insufficient.

I'll admit to being wrong. All season long, I doubted, even mocked those that suggested the Celtics would "turn it on in the playoffs." They've done exactly that, and it's gone very well for them so far.

Back to Game 6, Rondo led the way for the green with 21 points and 12 assists. All series, he's presented a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don't proposition for the Cavs. Focus on him, and the Big Three make you pay. Ignore him, and he'll make you pay. Play him tight and he'll pass. Play him loose, and he'll drive to the hole.

KG had 22, Pierce had 13, Perkins had 6. Ray Allen only had 8, and was 0/5 from beyond the arc. But that's the whole point of being a TEAM. Ray Allen had a bad game, offensively, Pierce was so-so, but Rondo and KG made up for it. As did the bench. Sheed had 13 and Tony Allen summoned 10 points of offense. There was no let up for the Cavs.

And now it's Orlando, the team that eliminated the Celtics last year. I remain less than optimistic, but you have to concede that for the C's to advance this far is an achievement of note.

And you know when you drive by some homeless people, and you sort of thank some higher power for all that you have. Well as we pass by Cleveland, let's be thankful for all we have. Even the Bruins. Because to be a Cleveland fan just sucks.

I believe the Eastern Conference Finals start Sunday afternoon.

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