Tuesday, May 04, 2010


One series was tied up, another went to 2-0, but both games were hard fought, exciting contests.

BOSTON 3, PHILADELPHIA 2 (Bruins lead series 2-0)

I could tell you that the Flyers have never led, and you might think the B's have dominated this series so far. But that's not true. Both games have been decided late, both games have been close. Philly's scorers have figured out the Bruins' defenses. But the Bruins have gotten some nice "team-goals" getting 4 or 5 guys involved in each goal. We'll see how this series alters when the Flyers get last-change on home ice.

CHICAGO 4, VANCOUVER 2 (Series tied 1-1)

This is more like it. The Blackhawks woke up after getting crushed 5-1 in Game 1. Chicago's stars got a chance to shine. Versteeg had a goal and an assist. Seabrook had a goal and 2 assists. Kane finished the game off with an empty-netter. Antti Niemi was back to normal, and the series goes northwest tied 1-1. Don't miss these late-night games.

Tonight's games:
7pm: Pittsburgh @ Montreal - Versus (series tied 1-1)
7:30pm: San Jose @ Detroit - Versus (Sharks lead series 2-0)

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