Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The Sox found a new formula for winning, even better than their "run prevention" mumbo jumbo. Just draw 7 walks, get 6 innings from your starter, some decent bullpen work, and you win.

Jays' starter Brandon Morrow issued 6 free passes in his 1.2 innings of work. He also allowed 6 earned runs. Meanwhile, John Lackey only allowed 3 walks. And while he also surrendered 6 runs, at least it was over 6 innings.

victor Martinez had a 3 RBI night. He's racked up 12 RBI in May so far. While his power and average numbers are still unimpressive, at least he's getting hits with runners on.

JD Drew has officially hit rock bottom. He asked out of the lineup claiming "vertigo."

I usually defend Drew, at least relative to most other fans. But this is too much. Your team is in 4th and needs every hand on deck. He's been hitting well in May (batting .469, OBP of .514, slugging .688). But he's sidelined by vertigo. Vertigo to hell, JD.

Daisuke against Dana Eveland tonight.

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