Monday, December 13, 2010


Mike Richards' OT goal ended what was one of the most entertaining hockey games you'll get this side of the postseason. I was glad to see the Bruins pick up their energy levels, compared to their display against the Islanders last week. Some things did bug the hell out of me, though.

Look, this team will struggle to score goals. I've come to terms with that and so should you. They'll flat-out miss open nets, they'll bobble passes, they'll air on shots. I'm fine with that. It's not fun, but these guys are who they are.

However, when struggling offensive players like Ryder and Wheeler continually make negative defensive plays, I feel like throwing up in my mouth. These two made some horrendous plays with the puck all night. In a few short seconds, Ryder turned the puck over twice in the neutral zone (Savard got it back for him so he could lose it again), which eventually led to Philadelphia's 1st goal. And if not for Thomas, Wheeler would have been responsible for more permanent damage, too.

Savard also played his part in both Philly goals. He got a bit too aggressive hunting the puck after Ryder lost it, which allowed a Philly 2-on-2 rush to turn into a 3-on-2, and a goal. Savard also made a no-look backpass to nobody, thinking Seidenberg had cycled over to his side of the ice. This led to Richards' rush, which turned into a 3-on-1, and a goal.

But with Savard, you can attribute these mistakes to rust. And he's also going to contribute to the offense at some point. Ryder and Wheeler? They can't afford to make big mistakes. Rather, the Bruins can't afford to have them make big mistakes.

So the Bruins lost, but they did get a point from a high quality Philadelphia team. They showed some good fight, skated well, and for the most part played a good defensive game.

Oh, and how dirty are the Flyers?

They're not tough when they do stuff like that, they're cowardly. Turn your back and they hit you, legal or not. They play prison shower hockey. Thankfully, McQuaid returned to the game and seemed unhurt.

Bruins at Sabres Thursday night.

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