Friday, December 03, 2010


The Bruins have come out and announced that despite asking Sturm to waive his no trade clause, and despite talking trade with other teams out there, Marco Sturm is still a member of the Boston Bruins.

Here's what happens. Someone hears something, perhaps a leak from the teams involved, about being very near to trading people. This "source" then conveys the info as a rumor to a "reporter." The reporter passes it along to his news "outlet" as a "report of a trade," not an actual trade, just a report. The "outlet" then uses words like "reportedly," or "sources say."

Then it hits the internet and sports radio. It's never been confirmed or announced as an official fact. It's just a report of a rumor that might be close to being a fact. But people like me (I would have written about it if I didn't have to go to work) report it as a fact, give our opinions on the deal, et cetera. Soon, so many people are reporting this rumor, that it feels like a solid fact. Newspapers write stories on their sites, ESPN, TSN, Yahoo Sports, Fox Sports, everyone has the story.

But it's still a trade in the works, not a done deal. Actually, it seems to be a trade that died. It's pretty clear that the Bruins are actively shopping Sturm. And it's highly likely he won't be wearing a Bruins uniform when he returns from his injuries. But right now, he's still a member of the Bruins.

It's a shame, because he's one of my favorite players. And I'd love to see him and Seguin together on a speed line. But even if he does get shipped somewhere, my Marco Sturm German Olympic jersey will remain my favorite jersey.

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